SIL right angle female headers


I’m putting together some circuit boards that I’d like to chain together in the same manner as the Rainbowduino.

In order to do this I need some single-row right-angle female headers. So far as I can tell Seeedstudio don’t sell these in the depot, although they stock right-angle male headers.

Given that a picture means a thousand words – here’s what I have in mind:

The Rainbowduino (as pictured) uses an 8 pin version of these. My project currently calls for one 4 pin and one 6 pin header per board.

Is there any chance that Seeedstudio could add a range of these headers to the depot? As I say, I need 4 pin and 6 pin versions, but I’d imagine a range of say 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 pin versions could come in really handy. At a pinch, I could rework my design to use the 8 pin versions that the Rainbowduino uses, if they’re more readily available.



We usually cut 40 pin ones to small segments to fit any needs. :slight_smile: … cPath=60_5

Will add some female header later. Thanks for suggestion!