Signal on Channel A keeps moving


I have tried to look for this question on the form but couldn’t find it, so I hope someone could help me…
I have just received my new DSO Quad [delay from local customs :frowning: ], and I must say, it is an amazing device. I have successfully calibrated it but I am having one problem:
Signal on channel A keeps shifting (does not stabilize). I have tried the following with the results:
1- connect signal generator to channel A and set trigger to A, but signal keeps shifting around. tried several shapes, freq. & triggers with same prob.
2- Connect signal gen. to channel B and set trigger to ch. B and all is great with several shapes & freq. (BTW, I get the same symptom with ch. B if I set trigger to ch. A)
3- connect both channels to sig. gen., and if I set trig. to A, prob. occurs. But if I set trig. to B, all is good for both channels!!!

I hope I have been clear enough…
Any help is appreciated…

I had exactly the same problem on my original device and also have the same problem on the replacement.

A solution would be appreciated.



I found a simple solution:
I have changed the trigger threshold to be well inside the signal for channel A and all is working perfectly now :slight_smile:

Hope this works for others…