Sidekick wiki

I noticed the Sidekick wiki … _Basic_Kit had some missing information.

There’s a section marked Music but there’s nothing there. Is there going to be a music section?

Also noticed one of the projects said to connect to digital pin 5, but I’m showing that’s a PWM pin and in the sketch an analogwrite was used unless it is dual mode then nevermind I guess.

Also noticed on the servo sketch, 179 was too high for the included servo, it caused it to peg out and sit there and jitter and get hot. I found that

val = map(val, 0, 1023, 0, 163);

worked for me as the highest without pegging the server and making it jittering.

I’d bet the value would be a little different for each servo, so perhaps a note to lower the value if the servo jitters at the highest position of the pot to lower the number until it stops.

Yes I would definitely like some more documentation on the Sidekick kit in the wiki. There’s a lot of parts but I don’t really know what I can do with them. I mean I know what the parts do (capacitors, resistors, diode, thermistor etc) but a bigger list of projects that uses the parts included would be nice.