Show live web page on xiao round display


I’ve connected a XIAO ESP32S3 with a Seeed Studio Round Display for XIAO - 1.28-inch, and I would like to see a web page in real time in the screen. I’ve tried to do this project using the available examples in the wiki, but I can´t find the right way to do. I must recognize that I’m really new with these amazing microcontroller and with the arduino environment.
Does anyone know an example or a reference that could help me to move forward with the project?
Thank you in advance for answering to my request.

Hi Mendo, Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
You tried any of the examples posted up here? for “Round Display” I have done a few and the web page one is more involved IMO. I would try some of the others and you will easily learn what you do to get it going. post any Code you have or Q’s etc. lots of smart folks here to help.
Round Display with Xiao Nrf52840 Sense ,TFT_eSPI , LVL Example
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Did you refer to this Wiki? Was there a problem during the implementation of the Wiki?

Have you made any progress yet?

Big thanks for your information. I will start to test your examples, that for sure will improve my knowledge about these microcontrollers. My initial idea was connect the round display to a ESP32S3, and try to show directly a web page, because in this web page I could develop easely the flow to collect the time dedicated for the user to acomplish different tasks. But surely, it is better to start with the basics and gradually learn more about these microcontrollers.

I was testing this wiki ( Geolocation Tracker with XIAO ESP32S3 (Sense) | Seeed Studio Wiki), but seems that this example works with static images, not with a live connection, or propably I’m not been able to replicate this live connection.
Showing a direct web page, the user will interact directly with it and all data related with this interaction will be stored in the web, making easier the development and maintenance of my solution.

Sorry, I haven’t had much time this week to progress on this topic. I will start testing the PJ_Glasso examples and share any progress I have. Thank you all for your support.