Should I burn a new bootloader to Seeeduino Film?


I am trying to program Seeeduino Film using the 3.3V FTDI breakout from Sparkfun. The connections are correct:

Film --> FTDI

VCC --> 3.3V
RX --> TX
TX --> RX

More or less I tried while troubleshooting whatever this guy documented at this pretty informative post: … i+settings

The FTDI loopback test works fine, I have tried programming it in different platforms (2 linux distributions, 64-bit Windows 7 and Vista), tried different USB cables, changed serial port settings…

It seems I’m following a parallel road to this guy and his solution worths a try. But I need some advice on it. This is what exactly I am going to do, is there anything strange?

  1. Upload the ArduinoISP sketch (File>Examples>ArduinoISP) to an Arduino Uno and use it as an ISP programmer, since I don’t own one,
  2. Power off the Uno and connect it to Seeeduino Film like this:
    Uno --> Film

    3.3V --> 3V3 (Power Frame)
    GND --> GND (Power Frame)
    MOSI --> D11 (Breakout Frame)
    MISO --> D12 (Breakout Frame)
    SCK --> D13 (Breakout Frame)
    RST --> D10 (Breakout Frame)
  3. Power on Uno, select the correct COM port, set Board type to Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8MHz) w/ATmega168 and
  4. from the Tools menu, select Burn Bootloader > w/Aduino as ISP.

Does anybody know if for some reason there is another bootloader needed on Seeeduino and what I’m trying to do makes no sense (unless I upload another bootloader to Uno at step 1)?

Thanks, I hope this will work and save some time for others too if it works.

Regardless of the above, does anyone know if Seeeduino’s Film bootloader is the one that Arduino IDE has in its examples as ArduinoISP (File->Examples->ArduinoISP)?


it seems that I misunderstood some things here. ArduinoISP sketch does not contain any bootloader or something, it’s just turning an Arduino into an ISP programmer. Then, I need to send through this Arduino-ISP-programmer the .hex file of the bootloader that I need to be burnt on my Seeeduino Film.

So, the question remains the same: which bootloader should I use for the Seeeduino Film? There are some choices that make sense, like ATmegaBOOT_168_pro_8MHz.hex or optiboot_pro_8MHz.hex that both are in the Arduino Software (…\hardware\arduino\bootloaders…) because we select Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8Mhz) w/ ATMega168 as our target board when programming Seeduino Film.

Please, couldn’t one of the developers reply to that? Which exactly bootloader is/should be burnt on Seeeduino Film? Is it one of the above or one else already placed in Arduino Software? Or is it a modified one that you should send to me? Albert any idea?


Did you ever receive an answer or solution to your problem?

Experiencing the same dilemma here…