Shipping to EU / Europe

Can anyone comment on the actual experience of ordering from Seeed Studio for shipping to the EU? In particular, shipping times and if any extra fees are payable in practice (customs, VAT, admin fees etc.).

Is everything is included in the shipping fee (like it would be with AliExpress or PandaBuy) or will there be significant fees on top of that?

Thank you.

Just bumping this to see if anyone can provide any information. Thank you!

Hi there,
Not in the UK, But if you order over an amount it’s a lot less to ship and free in some cases, AFAIK
even the slow boat is a couple bucs and say’s up to 30 days Whoa :poop:
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Not what was asked but a data point. I ordered 3 Xiaos on 2-13 and they arrived 2-26 so 13 days to Michigan. I call that slow boat !