Shipment returned because of "Customs Declaration" missing.

Last month I bought from you some items and you shipped them. But the shipment was not received in my country (El Salvador) because, I guess and cannot be sure, the customs declaration form was missing.

Since I sent you an email telling the issue, you refunded my money telling me that HKPS is not an option to ship to my country. I didn’t want a refund but the products so I am planning to buy them again from you.

I have received more that 40 packages from Shenzhen sent by three companies located over there (, all using Hongkong post. In fact all my purchases from China have been sent using Hongkong post.

Did you include this customs declaration form in my order number 624?. Was the package returned because of this form missing?

Am I going to be able to order from you again using Hongkong post?


Hi Juan:

All parcels must have a custom declaration to be accepted by HKPS. We will double confirm when the parcel is returned to us. This is the third time we got issue on parcels shipping to El salvado, we have concern that it is a common issue which might bring great inconvenience to cusotmer on timing or loss.

Other than that, we could ship them according to your instruction. Thanks for your support!