Shield V0.9b and Arduino Uno R3 Serial Problem

I have a Seedstudio GPRS shield v0.9b pluged in my arduino uno r3. I did upload the site example using Software Serial (pins 7 and 8) to make a buffer and send AT Commands, but when I turn on the shield, the serial console receives a “yyyyyy” (garbage?) message and dont shows my AT commands. I send AT+IPR=19200 command but nothing happens. I dont know what to do now.

hi, heliocamilosantos
nothing happens when send AT+IPR=19200 command? Do you select “SendNew” in the serial tool?

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Nothing happens. I selected “Send New” in the serial tool. I just see the “yyyyyyy” (garbage) message when I click the power on button. I uploaded the wiki´s example and I followed the instructions. When I send AT commands the serial tool dont show anything. Its like the shield is not seeing my commands. Everything its OK with the hardware, the leds are ok, sw serial jump is ok, cables are ok. I really need a help.

I changed the code to:


And now the message changed to “0255255255255” when I turn on the shield, see below:


But stills not responding my commands.

Was there any solution to this problem, i am experiencing exactly the same problems. Thanks

hey all, maybe you can reset the GPRS Shield to manufacturing state(viewtopic.php?f=23&t=4432&p=16825#p16825),whether it can solve your problem?