Shield needed for Seeeduino Mega board

So the Seeeduino Mega board has been out for some time now, great board by the way. When are you going to offer a development prototyping shield board that fits it?

Shield boards made for Arduino Mega are availible but won’t fit your Mega expanded I/O connectors and it’s not like some other company is likely to offer shields that fit your Mega board. Seems like you would want to support this great board with a prototyping shield board at least. Love you Mega but I want a prototyping shield for it :wink:


We have finished the prototype,and you can get it in the near future.


That is great news.


So, where are we now? Is it ready?

Also, will there be a electronic brick shield for the mega?

I would love to see this. Maybe with SMT headers on the bottom to allow for more connectors along the top and bottom long sides.