Shield bot right motor issue

Hi I have a pretty old shield bot (2012) and my right motor doesn’t work; I can power it from a 5V source and if I turn it it will give power to the arduino, I tested continuity and it’s fully connected to the servo driver chip. I tried with a seeduino but it will still not work

Have any idea ?

PS: I’m new to arduino and coding so please don’t use too complex language, thank :smiley:

Hi there~,

  1. you can use the 1.5 battery and connect it to motor 2 pads directly to check if the motor moves. If it does not move, the motor maybe bad. If it moves, it will be related with seeeduino code.

  2. You can follow <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ng-started”></LINK_TEXT> to burn the code.

  3. I record a video about the example. thanks.

    <LINK_TEXT text=“ … eldBot.mp4”></LINK_TEXT>

Thanks for responding, I tried to power the motor with 5V and it works, I also tried to write my own code but it still doesn’t work.

Hi there~

  1. If you burn the below code to shield bot, both of the motors shall rotate.

    <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ng-started”></LINK_TEXT>

  2. If it does not rotate, the shield bot may be bad from hardware point of view. The motor is connected with L298 and then controlled by arduino through IN1/IN2/IN3/IN4 and ENA/ENB. We suspect the L298 is dead. thanks.