Shield bluetooth

Hello, i’m a french young and passionate boy and i have recently received your shield bluetooth but, and as i have noticed, other person also had the same problem, I can not seem to make it work !

I explain my problem, I D1 LED blinking 2 times per second but never red LED turn on that will have signified the activity of this module !
I tested many different code from the officiel wiki, master and slave but i have always a green LED blinking…
But I have done a lot of research on this subject, I found a lot of anything and I tried all is but not all functioned ever !
My plugs are correctly, I tried to disconnect / reconnect the card, reset, remove / restore module etc.

I posted on two french forums whose one very active, nobody has happened to understand the problem it as I have seen on this forum…

I ask for your help, you are my last possible assistance else … I will let the module and then I’ll have a wifi module that apparently is easier to implement but I would avoid this solution!

Thank you in advance!

P.S: Sorry for my English must be … huuum … crappy, yes…
I admit I cheat with google translation :3

UP plz !
My problem persists and I do not know how!

Same problem here, the green led is blinking but not the red. We had the two led blinking yersteday but now, only the green is blinking, after have trying to change the baudrate ( We think it’s happened when we changed the flow control to “hardware” ) … If anyone know how to solve this :S
(We are French too)

same problem, with 2 shields. Yesterday all good. I can transmit and receive with the shield, start : leds green and red, I connect bluetooth, only the green led.
Now Only the green led blink and impossible to connected with the shield. I do not know how to reset (for Arduino yes, but not for shield)

if anyone has any idea thank you in advance

I did not understand out where the problem
(We are French too)
Can be a curse of the language! :frowning: