ShenZhen OPL Pricing

Hello all,

My apologies if I missed something somewhere, but I was wondering why the ShenZhen OPL no longer showed component prices. The price column is blank. It does display for the SEEED OPL, however.

Thank you

Hi Ado,

Thanks for your message, hope you are well. It could be a server problem or a temporary glitch. The prices are showing up ok on our side, are you able to see them now?


Hi Carmen,

They weren’t displaying for me for the last couple weeks, but I just checked again and they are there now for both libraries.

Thank you so much for checking in and thank you for your time.

Hi again,

Little update, we had the IT team look into it and it seems there was something acting up every now and again. It has been fixed now.

Thanks so much for reporting it!

I see, it seems to be working now and if I’m not mistaken searches return more parts now as well. Thank you so much!