Shenzen OPL parts into the Kicad library


The newly available 10.000 parts from the Shenzen OPL are not in the Kicad library. Hence, if we add them to the schemativc and PCB from another library, the BOM generator will not produce a CSV with the parts that we want to source from this new Shenzen OPL. Also it’s very practical to search for parts directly from the Kicad library, since many components in the OPL webpage don’t have a proper link to their datasheet, or a corresponding picture, and in the description is the specific data put together that then has to be looked at the datasheet.

Is there a way to get this Kicad library or is it being made? If not so, please consider it because we need it to design our PCBA and place an order to SeeedStudio Fusion.



Hi Xavi,

Thanks for your feedback. The latest KiCad revision for the Seeed OPL has been released to make it easier to integrate new Shenzhen OPL components but at the moment we don’t have Shenzhen OPL library. We hope that we can build it up together as more people place PCBA orders. Please refer to the blog post for details.

Thank you for your interest and understanding!


I think this is an important step forward, and I like the new organisation better. I see that many components already in previous versions of the library have not been moved to the new OPL Kicad library. This is the case of the Capacitors library, that only has 11 now, but I guess it’s because they haven’t been updated to match Kicad’s requirements and will be reworked in time. I’ll reference the old capacitor library and use the ones there for the time being.

Thanks for this move! :smiley: