Share Your Feedback on Seeed Wiki

[size=120]About Seeed Wiki[/size]

As we all know, Seeed provides open source hardware for users. We create a Wiki page for every product to share more information. It is easy to have a knowledge of the feature, specification and demonstration of every piece of hardware through Seeed Wiki page. Source code and related projects are also available.

Above all, Seeed Wiki is a very helpful tool that provides a global view of our products.


As the development of Seeed, the Wiki page is getting better and better. Now, the pages are divided into six main categories: Arduino, Shield, Grove, Kit, Xadow, and mbed. And we added related projects on Wiki pages of top 50 products this month.

Besides, any confirmed user has the right to modify relevant pages. The user rights can be obtained via email:


However, there’s still much for improvement in our work. Seeed Wiki is not perfect and we still have a long way to go. A complete Seeed Wiki system cannot get away from the contribution of our users.

So, please share your feedback on Seeed Wiki.

Just post your suggestion, or complaints, even feelings below this topic.

Or contact us via email:

Your voice is greatly welcomed for us to improve! Let’s make difference directly to the system!

It would be great if someone would take care of ensuring there is no lost communication due to incorrect wording (bad english). I am happy to see the site up and running, and will see if I can help a bit when I can, I’ll try to acquire some permissions…

It would also be great if someone could provide schematics for the shields as well, since the hardware (shields) are open source.