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The Grove AI HAT for Edge Computing is built around Sipeed MAix AI MODULE. We added the full ArduinoCore-API interface to support Arduino IDE for Grove AI HAT and prepared a Face Detect Demo to help you quickly AI function to your Arduino projects.

With the help of Arduino compatible interface and Arduino IDE, now you can easily upgrade your Arduino IoT project into AIoT with Grove AI HAT and over 280 Grove modules.

Share your AIoT project ideas with us and get $10 coupon immediately!!

We are excited about adding AI function to our used IoT project, for example, we can can detect plant and automatically water plants.


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    I am developing electronics to manage the length of the sheets to control the position of the sails of a sailboat model. I am working on using as winches stepper motors, each monitored additionally by magnetic angular sensors. The length of the sheet depends on the control of the sail position by the operator and by the actual angular position of the beam of a sail.

    To prevent loose sheet that can be blocked by objects on the deck of the ship, To keep the sheet as long as required but as short as possible AI has to manage to control the sheet in the required manner.

    I had been working on using thresholds, absolute and relative position data supplied by the magnetic angular sensor monitoring the angle of the boom of the sail. This I want to replace by using AI. The existing sailboat model makes it possible to supply huge sets of data required to train the AI.


    I am a researcher and creator of soft telerobots (Using soft robotic actuators and web based remote control) with language translation abilities.

    Currently I am using cloud hosted platforms for speech recognition and utterance, but with AI power I could uses something like and, or perhaps even imitate other voices using, then it could be truly peer to peer.

    My biggest dream is that people could talk through my robot in their natural language, but have it outputted immediately in another language, as if they were speaking it. And of course the device would be made of soft, squishy materials.

    Good luck!



    can Tensorflow and Keras run on the AI Hat?

    Not sure if this coupon offer is still valid… Being inspired by Natalie Silvanovich’s and spritesmods’ Tamagotchi hacking… I want to use computer vision to allow remote access and automated care of Tamagotchi digital pets! :lol: