Several problems with Linkit One

Hi everybody,

I meet several problems using Linkit One:

First, after installing SDK for Arduino, i don’t find for exemple:
"File -> Examples -> Starter Kit for LinkIt -> Basic -> L9_SMS_Light "
Where can i find this code ?
All librairies like LSMS, LGSM, etc… are present, and exemples also !!

Second: If I try to read a DHT22, the result change very fréquently (+/- 40%) in a minute, this is abnormal.
Who know a solution ?

Third: Using an Grove LCD RGB Backlight, changing backlight color is OK, but writing the LCD is uncertain.

Could you help me ?

Sorry, my Grove LCD I2C is now Ok.
It was due to a code error.

I have read DHT22 was uncertain result.

Who have an explaination?