Several Grove Shield projects won't work

I’m attempting to run all the “Getting Started” projects on this page. Some of them work, and some of them don’t. The ones I cannot get to work are:

Project of Detecting Sound and Light

It displays seemingly random number for the sound and light values. I’ve checked that all the components are plugged into the correct port.

Project of Detecting Motion

It doesn’t seem at all responsive to movement or lack of movement. It just periodically stops running the motor and servo, and then starts running them again regardless of any motion occuring in front of the detector.

Has anyone else successfully tested these setups with the code provided?

Hi - can you maybe repost the link? The link provided goes to “page not found”.

@tpilutti Thanks for responding! The link works for me, but here is the actual url:

  1. Make sure that your Grove Shield is properly connected to your microcontroller or development board. Check the pinout and ensure that each Grove module is inserted into the correct port.