Several apps at the same time - not working?


I just tried to load Tetris (from this forum) and the excellent “frequency response application” (from Tetris starts with Key3 and the analyser with Key4.

I have a new DSO Quad, HW 2.60, latest firmware from marcosin (App 2.51 1.8 and Sys 1.51 1.6), original FPGA (I suppose 2.61?).

Basically, both work, but not at the same time: only the last app I install works. The first one does not start any more as soon as I install the second one. The behaviour is symmetrical (Tetris blocks the analyser and the analyser blocks Tetris).

Is that a bug? Or by design?


PS: is there a place on the web with a list or collection of useful applications for the Quad? I found the analyser only by chance and I would love finding other such terrific applications.

…fantastic forum, in which I can write the questions and answers myself, as nobody else answers…

After having decoded the hex files (according to, I have understood that one app can use more than one 32k block :bulb:

  • the app of marcosin uses APP_1 and part of APP_2.

  • Tetris uses APP_3 and a part from APP_4, i.e. any software in APP_4 (like FFT) is destroyed when installing it

  • the two frequency analysers use only APP_4 but by doing so, they destroy part of Tetris.

With such a fantastic support from the manufacturer and the community, you really need much time, a degree in electrical engineering and another one in software engineering to use this DSO :imp:


I’m late, but yeah, you analysis is correct. If you want, recompiling the frequency response application to another position is quite easy. It doesn’t help much though because as tetris and marcosin FW both use 2 APP blocks, there are no spots left.

It takes some effort to create small enough programs to fit in 1 APP block. The freq app already uses 24k of the 32k block, even though it is quite simple.