Set beamforming direction?

Hi I would like to be able to set the direction of the beamformer on the ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0, is it possible? If it is not supported by current fimrware, is it planned to be added? It would be a very useful feature.



Hi, It does not support, we do not have a plan for mic array v2.0. But we have a plan for the respker core v2.0 for this functions.

We have released an new version of respeakerd, feel free to try the “manual doa mode”.

Here are some steps to update respeakerd:

  1. sudo apt update && sudo apt install librespeaker
  2. change the directory to respeakerd repository, then git pull
  3. cd build/ && chmod a+x respeakerd
  4. ./respeakerd -debug -snowboy_model_path="./resources/snowboy.umdl" -snowboy_res_path="./resources/common.res" -snowboy_sensitivity=“0.5” -mode=manual_with_kws
  5. open another terminal and start the python client:

  6. say snowboy to wake it up, then the direction will be set to next 60 degree(no alexa voice service).