ServoShield doesn't work with Mega2560

Has anyone gotten the ServoShield ( … c3d3663ac8) which fixed the servo mapping (was all messed up before), and added some more examples, but didn’t fix the Mega2560 issue.

Looks like the mapping was wrong for the Mega 2560 based on this mapping spreadsheet ( … Qa0E&gid=0)

Using that table PORTD6 maps to PH3 not PH4, so I changed the definition in ServoShield.h for AVR_ATmega1280 from

#define counter1cntpin PH4


#define counter1cntpin PH3

and now it works with the Mega 2560. To get it to work remember to define AVR_ATmega1280 in the header :

#define AVR_ATmega1280