Service Support Not Great and that is being really nice! Terminal : extremely or hopelessly severe

Will I have 100s of emails before my actual problem is addressed or is this service through attrition.
One board of two:
Fan functions erratically
second board seems to have unstable on-board emmc as I have unstable system when run off that storage but works fine off of m.2 sata.

I dont even want to attempt to address it through yours support with the experience with the fan controller on the first board as it seems like it is just a total waste of time attempting to get anything but BS from your supposed support team.

I’m really sorry that some of us did not work carefully and brought you trouble. I will arrange @ansonhe97 to serve you specially, @ansonhe97 please have a detailed understanding of @ernieboxer 's problem and help him.

Hi @ernieboxer,

This is Anson from the tech support team. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience caused, and we are very happy to help you out here.

For your first question, the faulty fan. This seems to be a long going problem for you. I just asked our tech support team, and got some details. We will send you a replacement fan for this.

For the second problems you faced, it seems emmc might have cold solder joint problems. Would it be possible for you to provide us with a photo/video of emmc not functioning so that we confirm this issue and move on to replacement for you.

Once again, deeply apologised for the problems caused and hope this issue will be solved very quickly for you.

Best Regards,

I do not think it is the fan and seems to be something with the controller of the fan seeing that it now operates always on or always off decided at boot time. Recently we are on 24/7 and seeing that this is our gateway with PfSense we have just left it on.

Okay, yes there should be an option in BIOS, let us know how the system gets on, we are always here to help.

Best Regards,

Yes seems its not working correctly on this board. What more can be said.

Hi @ernieboxer
Our ODYSSEY board wants the fan to rotate with a minimum temperature threshold of 40°C. When the CPU temperature is lower than 40°C, the fan will stop rotating. Although you cannot keep the fan running all the time, you can speed up the fan speed by 20%. You can set it through chipset—>FAN Control—>Positive.

Got it; my fan either runs all the time on or all the time off. It’s a lottery at boot. Or flip of a coin which i get. However no matter how many times I try to get this across no one seem to hear it. I must be confused correct?

Hi, @ernieboxer
Yes, our supporter thought your fun was broken, I am sorry that we did not understand your thoughts correctly before. We are very glad that you understand how the fan works.

Yes and the controller does not! WTF you guys are really impossible.

No fan state since last boot. Previous state was fan running for around a full week nonstop. Do you see an issue with my setup here?

As the day warms here.

Now time to direct a desk fan to the board?

Unbelievable :roll_eyes: Support!

Hi @ernieboxer

Sorry this concern still bothers you, we are arranging a replacement for you. Please check your private email.

Best Regards,

I will be watching nothing yet.

Hi @ernieboxer
I have sent a private email to you three days ago. Have you got it?
I can help you return the X86 via my personal email

@ansonhe97 @ernieboxer @jiachenglu Hello ernieboxer, Odyssey fan controled by Embead controller (EC) which role as initialize the device before system up. The temperatre you saw in bios is detected by EC and the tempertaure sensor place close to the intel CPU which donot have the senser pin. In another word, the temperature not the CPU direct value, maybe 5 degrees centigrade error. What you saw the temperature value in pfsense or others system is feedback by CPU internal, temperature in BIOS screen feedback by EC, fan run or stop according the EC value.
EC detect value (BIOS screen) and fan speed table like this:

mode: Disable fan state: stop

mode: Normal fan state: less than 40°C–stop,45-50°C–50%,50-60℃–60%,above 60℃–80%

mode: Positive fan state: less than 40°C–stop,45-50°C–70%,50-60℃–80%,above 60℃–100%

guess I need to shop for another access point first. Cant send this in until I have that replaced.

I still have never received any information on how to proceed with any sort of return with multiple threads emails and 19 posts to this specific thread? It is almost comical really. Interesting products but your support system absolutely sucks.