Serial RF Pro-Twig and Arduino Duemilanove

I’m installing (2) arduinos in remote locations and using them to monitor temperatures in these locations. I’d like to use the Grove - Serial RF Pro wireless transciever to communicate with each arduino to collect the temperature data. I expect to use different frequencies for each location. Assuming you don’t see anything wrong with this approach I was wondering if I would get the .h librarie(s) needed to run this with my arduino when I ordered the transievers. I’m new at this and I’m not sure what to expect and how to get the appropriate libraries to talk to the devices I’m purchasing. Also, I am very tight on space and was not considering using any of the Grove hardware. Can I use this as a stand alone module with power, ret, Tx and Rx wired directly to my arduino?

Hi there ,
Suggest two RF module , it can directly connected to arduino some as Grove -RF .And the library you can find on the wiki page. Thanks.