Serial Port Seeeduino nano

Hi !
I just bought a Seeeduino Nano and I’ve tried to connect it to my computer but it doesn’t seem to be recognized. I’ve followed the tutorial to add the boards through the board manager but the board doesn’t appear in the ports.
I have other boards like Arduino Uno and I can perfectly see it in the ports.
Do you have any idea of what I can do to be able to use that nano board ?
My PC is Mac, the OS is Mojave 10.14.6 and the Arduino IDE is 1.8.13
Thanks a lot !

Hi @kik_74, Did you installed the Seeeduino AVR from the Arduino board manager? If not please refer the wiki and install then connect the Seeeduino nano!

Seeeduino Nano WiKi :

Hi @salman !
Thanks for the quick answer !
Yes I followed this tutorial until step 3, I selected the Seeeduino Nano in the board list and then I couldn’t find my board in the ports list

then I think you have some driver issues since the Seeeduino Nano used CP2102 USB to UART Bridge you need to install the driver first, you can download the driver from here:

I’m gonna try it right now !
Thank you very much !

Great, Please try and let me know the feedback.

I installed what I found on your link but it didn’t work unfortunately.
I’ve tried to relaunch both my computer and Arduino IDE but no better results

Ok,Since it’s not working after the driver Installation, we need confirm the Seeeduino Nano functionality! for that can you please connect it to a Windows/Linux
computer check it’s working or not?

Hi !
I did the same steps on a Windows and it worked ! I was able to detect it and to make it run a program.
Then I retried to install the drivers on my Mac and it worked too ! So problem solved !
Thank you very much @salman, you helped me a lot !

Glad to know that :star_struck: :love_you_gesture:, happy making