Serial port for the ODYSSEY-X86J4105 acting strange

I want use the serial port on the pins on the Linux side of the ODYSSEY-X86J4105. I assumed the port to use was ttyS0 because there is no ttyS4 see images below (I am a new user so I can only add one image so I had to work around that):

[1] - refer to image

I opened two terminals, one on a windows pc and on the ODYSSEY-X86J4105.


[2] - refer to image


[3] - refer to image

I sent text files over both terminals. The windows pc has a file with U and a File with Q
ODYSSEY received for U:

[4] - refer to image

ODYSSEY received for Q

[5] - refer to image

ODYSSEY just sent the U file and windows pc received:

[6] - refer to image

The oscilloscope reading also looks strange form the ODYSSEY side but relatively normal form the Windows pc side. The ODYSSEY “arduino” serial is fine and does not cause the same problem sending to the windows pc. I also tried c and python code to with a similar results. My usb serial converter that I plugged into the ODYSSEY also works.

I would like to know if anyone has experienced this before and how I could possibly solve the problem and if I am missing something?