serial interface and display images...

hey all… after my rainbowduino is arrived i played with several firmwares. now I need some help from you guys.

  1. what I want is display a precomputed buffer (computed on my workstation) on the rainbowduino. so i send the image via serial directly to the rainbowduino. did I understand it right that there is no function yet which do that? i tested several firmwares (mtXcontrol, Raibow_conmandVertion_Bate, rainbowduino_v1_0_5, Rainbowduino_v3_0h, RainbowV1.1Serial) without success.

  2. rainbowduino use 12bit/per pixel - so to draw a white screen i would send 64 times 0xfff (or 768 times a 0xf character, this would mean a full screen buffer size is 96bytes), is this right?

  3. is it possible to communicate with my first rainbowduino serial (from my workstation) and the rainbowduinos would talk to each other via i2c? example
    so i can send to my rainbowduino: drawBuffer(target2, bytebuffer[96]).


Hi michu,

rainbowduino_v1_0_5 has the serial interface for receiving and displaying a matrix color data.

First change to data mode, then send 64x3(rgb) bytes color data with 0xaa 0x55 as ending flag.

for example:

unsigned char red = 0x0f;
unsigned char green = 0x0f;
unsigned char blue = 0x0f;

//send white color matrix
for(int i = 0; i < 64; i++){

unsigned char end1 = 0xaa;
unsigned char end2 = 0x55;

Yes you can add one command which means the following receiving data will be transmitted to a slave rainbowduino through I2C.

May it helpful to you,