Serial connection camera


I am trying to find a camera color or monochrome
With serial connection for Arduino Uno or Galileo
I2C, SPI or UART for that matter

I tried several cameras and either the communication does not work
with Arduino Uno or Galileo

the speed, and pixel size can be high or small for VGA or less
the reason for that to perform edge detection on Image and define
a simple target with comparison with template.

any known camera like that to connect and find it works:based on experience !!!
send command to take snap shot then transmit the picture array to Arduino/Galileo as an array for analysis in uC limited capability memory and speed capability?

thank you, I hope question clear!


We have Serial camera and Camera Shield available here in Seeed Bazaar. Please read the documentation (specification and wiki) if any one of it would be suitable for your application.

Image processing applications are memory and processor intensive. Often OpenCV library is used for implementing such applications. Please do research before selecting main boards and camera.


I have been able to get it working nicely on a Seeed Stalker V2.3 board. It came up and worked almost immediately. You need to format an SD card to FAT32 before the camera can write to it. A PC with windows running is the best way to do this. The camera shield has the SD drive on it and uses fast SPI to transfer images from the camera to the SD card.

You can then access the image files by pulling out the SD card and plugging it into your PC however, it is much more interesting and useful to access the images from an arduino sketch which can be done using functions from the standard SD library. I am able to read back the image taken with my arduino sketch and Serial.print() the bytes to the serial monitor.

I’m doing this for the purpose of sending the images through the XBee radio on the stalker to an XBee gateway and on to the internet. I’m struggling with pin conflicts between the XBee radio and the camera card though. You can’t use two software serial ports on any arduino based on the Atmel 328 including the stalker so either the camera or the radio has to use the hardware serial port on pins 0,1 which means the serial monitor can’t be used at the same time. I’m sending my messages over the XBee link as an alternative. The board using the hardware port has to be pulled to program the stalker. An alternative would be to use Atmel Studio 7 connected with an ICE pod to the 6 pin connector but this is a very heavy duty tool with a steep learning curve.

The camera shield seems to be solid with no bugs or random behaviors. Just make sure you have enough RAM left in your sketch. Arduino 1.6.7 lets you know how much RAM is left and issues a warning if its too little. If its too little you get all sorts of random behavior.