Serial Bluetooth -can it connect to PC's bluetooth?

Hi there,

I’m a beginner in using Serial Bluetooth modules.

I have bought a pair of them to make some tests and was wondering if I could connect one of them to my PC’s bluetooth?


Hi there~

Yes, you can use Grove- Bluetooth to connect with you computer. We have tested it on window.

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Thanks Jelly.

So is there a particular way (procedure) to “pair” or make my bluetooth module(s) visible to my PC?

I can never “see” any of my two modules in the Bluetooth devices list :frowning:



On my computer,it named BTslave.

If your computer can not find the device, you can use your phone

Besides please make sure, you have download the proper code into your Arduino.

I used this one.(slave code)

<LINK_TEXT text=“ …”></LINK_TEXT>

For more info. please check our wiki

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ooth_v3.0/”></LINK_TEXT>