Serial Blueseeed TH (CSR BC417) No serial communications and No pairing either

Frustrated with this. SKU 113020008. It seemed to work for a few minutes. It would show up during pairing as “SeeedMaster”. Now it only shows up as “HMSoft”. I cannot pair it anymore. No PIN codes work. I can’t talk to it via UART either using a UNO or FT232 usb to serial adapter. It will not respond to any AT commands. When hooked up to an UNO that I orginally connected it to I had given it a Vcc of 5v and I am taking that it level shifts the Tx and Rx lines to 3.3v from what I gather from the schematic. Although I think the schematic is not correct for that particular module. Schematic shows a reset button but my module has none. Anyway, the rest looks similar. I didn’t do anything complicated with it just ran a very simple Arduino example. Don’t know what with this thing. What to do? Suggestions? Send it back for evaluation or something. I’m hesitant to buy another one. Help is appreciated.