Sensor Hub - 4G Data Logger error to connect with sim

I have a problem with my Sensor Hub - 4G Data Logger.
I try to connect with sim roaming netmore and with other data sim, but after 94s resulti is your sim is expired, why???

Have a solution?

In this Sensor Hub - 4G Data Logger is possible to debug modem quectel with at command from debut uart connector?

Thank you!!

Hey there,
Thank you very much for choosing SenseCAP. This is Violet from Seeed. Apologies for the inconvenience. This might be because the roaming function is not activated yet. We will upgrade the firmware via OTA in the near future. At the current stage, could you please download the new firmware from this Github link. And please let us know if the problem remains.

And here is SenseCAP Sensor Hub User Guide. Hope it’d come in handy when you use the product.

Feel free to email our tech support at and you can reach me at

Have a lovely day!

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Hi @violet thank you to help me, but I have same problem…

After upgrade, the problem persist

I attach the error screen

Hi @IOT,
Thank you very much for your feedback. Could you please kindly check whether the APN is correct? Thanks!


@violet yes, APN is correct.
My APN is

I can send AT command to modem for try it?

I have see a debut uart connector in mainboard.

Hi @IOT, could you please add me and my colleague Jenkin on LinkedIn for more prompt communication?
Jenkin Lu
Violet Su

Thank you!


This is Jenkin, pls try to update the firmware again. Download from the link , the version still 2.0.4, but we add some logs about sim card connection.

Then, happy to communication by email ( or LinkdIn (Jenkin Lu). I can get back to you quickly ~

I have sent messages to follow you

Thank you, Gabriele. I just created a group chat with you and Jenkin on LinkedIn. Let’s figure out the issue! :slight_smile:

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@violet another information, how can i configure the sending of data from the gateway every 60 minutes?

Hi Gabriele, for SenseCAP Sensor Hub, the default data upload interval is every 60 minutes. And if you would like to configure it to different intervals, please kindly refer to this user guide. It should be in Chapter 4.4.1.

Let us know if you need any further support. Thank you!

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Ok, but Internet connection is always on?