SenseCAP Weather Sensor Rain Data


I recently set up a SenseCAP S2120 8-in-1 weather station and connected it to TTN. I have my application in TTN relaying data to AWS and am using a lambda to forward data to WeatherUnderground. Getting most of the data converted into what WU expects was trivial, but I’m a little confused about how to interpret the rain data.

For the S2120, what exactly is the data format for measurement 4113, or “Rain Gauge”? Based on the product page, it’s the rain intensity, reported in millimeters per hour (mm/h). I did some experimentation with the sensor and it appears that it measures the amount of rainfall between upload intervals. So if I’m uploading every 20 minutes, it calculates a value based on what has been measured over the 20 minute interval. Does the weather station’s software then derive the rainfall intensity from the collective rainfall over the 20 minute interval (e.g., multiply measured rainfall by factor of 3)?

I would like to know how to process the data in the backend so I can calculate and upload both rain intensity and the total amount of rainfall to WeatherUnderground. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Every minute the device calculates the cumulative rainfall of the past 10 minutes, which is then multiplied by 6 to derive the mm/hr value representing the rainfall intensity. So to obtain the cumulative rainfall, you can connect the device to the SenseCAP Mate app and set the uplink interval to 10 minutes. The device will upload the rain intensity data calculated at the last minute. By dividing the rainfall intensity data by 6, you can obtain the cumulative rainfall of the past ten minutes. Adding the cumulative rainfall every ten minutes will give you the total rainfall of an hour/ a day.

If you want to check the cumulative rainfall directly, you can also use the following two devices: S700+S2100