SenseCAP T1000 freeze

when turning on the T1000 by pressing for 3 seconds the buttons it turns on and flashes and then freezes with the green light and no longer responds. It does not enable Bluetooth for pairing. I’ve made several attempts and the device seems to be briked. Is there any other way to hardreset or reinstall the device’s firmware?

Hi, please try to force reset the device, press and hold the button, then connect the charging cable, and release the button after connecting, the green light will breathe.

Yes, already did this and still freeze. they flash and wen we release the button the green light breathe and freeze in sequence.

I’m a little disappointed because I bought this device so I could run a POC to track the members of a windsurfing school located here in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The Araruama lagoon is the largest saltwater lagoon in the world and there are many sailing sports enthusiasts and the idea is to track windsurfing and kitesurfing boards and some small sailing boats. I am a small entrepreneur who has extensive experience in Lorawan networks and I know that this case will be a successful case as it will be the first of its kind here in Brazil precisely because it is a new technology and very little disseminated in Brazil. I would like to thank you for anything you can help with to make this POC happen so that I can gain a good client that promotes world and national windsurfing championships.

Hi, to provide better support, please open a ticket on Help Center, the technical support will help you to solve this issue.