SenseCAP Soil Moisture & Humidity Sensor Tested in Substrates for Growing Blueberries

We bought blueberry plants that are grown in substrates instead of soil, to test the performance of SenseCAP LoRaWAN Soil Moisture & Temperature Sensor. And voila, here comes the surprise, joy, and happiness of witnessing the beauty of how life transforms from buds to flowers and then fruits! Learn more about SenseCAP at


@violet You took pictures that made the product unreal, highlighted grass leaves?

The device is making a better plant growing… so I think the blueberry is the major role. :slight_smile:

Well, this leaf looks good. It’s very healthy.

Oh, I was captivated by the lovely blueberry flowers and fruits :smiley: Please look at picture #2, you can see the products quite clearly. (And of course the sensor probe has been buried in the substrates. :smiley:

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hmmmm, are you blueberry expert?? you can read leaf?

Are there any bugs or bird go for the fruit? how do you protect it?

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We used a mosquito net to protect the plants in the evening :smiley: Will share some photos later :wink:

In this example the SenseCAP Soil Moisture & Temperature probe has been inserted vertically. I also saw a video example that stated the probe should be installed horizontally.

What is the correct orientation for the probe?

How far can the probe be buried?

This document is very helpful, thank you!

Enjoy it shuyang, 47h left. Tried on discord, but couldn’t :wink:

Hi guys. You have an interesting plant