SenseCAP Sensor Hub 4G Data Logger - firmware update

We are trying to activate roaming on the above data logger and i saw previously in a forum in 2021 that roaming was to be introduced via OTA firmware update. As we have had no success connecting using a roaming sim card provider to date, i have started the firmware update using a local simcard.

There is no real instruction on what it should look like whilst updating and it has spent quite sometime as per the attached image.

Is this actually updating the firmware or is it in a waiting mode for data?
I do not want to risk switching it off mid update.

Red light is on, on the sensor hub switch whilst the attached has been going on.
Can you please advise if this is updating/working as intended?

This is jenkin, please download the firmware( Then, use the Tool update fuction and select the file. It can print some detail log. Please send the email to me. I will check for you. email:

Thank you for your assistance… We seem to have consistent communication now.
Great service… :slight_smile: