SenseCAP S2120 Weather Station - Convert from Metric to US C to F

Sorry I was not clear enough, the answer you provided was exactly what I asked, but I was really wanting to switch all my readings to American Units

In America we use different units for weather… I know it is crazy, but our units give us better resolution of the data

Air Temp = change C to F
Air Humidity = Same %RH
Light Intensity = Same Lux
Barometric Pressure = Pa change to Hectopascal or Inches of Mercury, also add Trending Up, Down or Hold Steady
Wind Direction = Same Degrees could change to word direction, North-Northeast
Wind Speed = Meters per Second, Change to Knots or Miles Per Hour
Rainfall Hourly = mm/Hour change it Inches per Hour
Also can rainfall be shown as number of bucket tips, or whole amount of rainfall… anso known as accumulation?
UV Index = Same No units

So it appears you do not yet have this units, which is ok… I am wondering how I can make a custom gauge?

Also I am wondering if you could add a lightning detector sensor, and also have the sensor increase reporting frequency if lightning or rain is detected for example.

I am an engineer so I can accept technical data

Hi Chris,
Thank you so much for your detailed explanation! However, please note that the firmware and hardware of our standard devices currently report only the values shown. If you need changes, you might consider performing unit conversions on the platform side.

I do not want to dox the guy…

They can only answer one question at a time… then stop reading… thats why it is so hard to get an answer… You try to tell them the troubleshooting steps and the needed resolution… and they only tell you the troubleshooting steps… then you have to wait 24 hours for a second chance at resolution… What da?

Hi there,
What they need is Like what we had at Black Box in PA. back in the day it was the same support nightmare with so many products and only few Engineers to support them. Some Support techs were better with certain products and we knew behind the scene who KNeW what!..
The Tech database … was born. Searchable troubleshooting internal DB (READ-ONLY)with all the answers to all the products and Past solutions. These were verified and updated if firmware or settings changed.

Seeed Needs this in a Seperate WIKI, Amass ALL the trouble shooting TIPS and Tricks in One central location. Problem is the same though, It needs maintained and is a job all in itself. so I doubt they would do it well.

the forum is better than a discord too. for obvious reasons.
my .02
GL :slight_smile: PJ

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I have noticed a tendancy of some to want to provide resolution outside of the public eye… via support ticket email… and it hides the solutions… if their are any solutions Also the support ticket email system provides instant resolution… in theory… when in practice there is no such thing as instant resolution… makes the stats look good tho… i got 99.9% issue resolution… i need employ of the month… lol