SenseCAP S2101 Temp/Humidity Sensor Frequency Setup

I have two SensCAPS2101 units which I am trying to connect to the TTN. I have used the Android app to set the frequency band to AU915. Is there a way to set it to Subband 2 which is used by the TTN in Australia?

I contacted tech support and they have given me the answer. This may help others seeking the same information.

  1. In the setup app —> Settings. Select Platform —> Other Platform. Select Frequency Plan and then select Sub-band —>ie Sub-Band 2 which is the frequency sub-band used by the TTN in Australia AU915.

As an aside, while using firmware 1.5 which my units were shipped with, they became unresponsive(even though they still sent packets to the TTN) and SenseCAP tech. support sent me an updated firmware (v1.6) with instructions on how to reset my devices and update the the firmware.

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