SenseCAP Outdoor Gateway - AU915

Hi, I have a SenseCAP Outdoor Gateway (US915).

It comes up as “US902-928” for frequency in the SenseCAP console


  1. How can I switch it to AU915? (I see that they are available for sale as AU915 SenseCAP LoRaWAN Gateway Industrial Outdoor AU915MHz with Cellular 4G )

  2. How do I get SSH access?

  3. Is there a more detailed user manual than the SenseCAP Product User Guide( ?


As for lot of Lora devices it can’t be changed ! You have to buy one with proper frequency ! The documentation states that it uses different ISM boards depending of frequency…

Did you get a look at that website with all docs avalaible for sensecap devices ?

That might be the case. It is a similar range of frequencies though, with different channels, so I’m still a little hopeful it might be a configurable thing :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the website with the docs, but there isn’t any mention of the ssh password. There is an ssh server open, so I’m sure its around somewhere.

I think you should check with dedicated SenseCAP Seeed support to know if you can as a user change that in device but I would not be surprised if it implies to reflash it !

Just in case did you try the “sensecap!!!” ased for APN ? but I don’t think that SSH access is supposed to be for user as it’s also not documented at all ! Side question: why do you want SSH access ? reconfigure to use something else than shitty Azure system by default ?

I’d be happy to flash it, but I haven’t seen any info about firmware either?

It would be pretty strange to have an SSH server running without allowing any access. At the very least I’d like to be able to get to verbose logging, update chipstack etc.

Check with SeeedStudio but not sure you can do that flash yourself or they allow end-user to do it :confused:

The product page for the gateway lists three bands… (with AU915 not listed)

And the raspberry pi kit says it is configurable between US915 and AU915

Designed for 915MHz US/Australia LoRA ISM band

I’ve contacted support via email (, hopefully they can help.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Not sure if you were able to resolve your issue, but I believe the SenseCAP switches to AU915 automatically.

It doesn’t. Support said I’d have to ship the device back to them to update the firmware. Which is obviously not OK for many reasons. What happens if there is a security issue needing to be fixed?

I’ve written off the purchase as a mistake, and will steer clear of sensecap in future.

Sorry to hear this. It runs contrary to what’s being communicated on discord.

You’ve linked to something about the helium network there. I have an outdoor gateway (