SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform (non-Helium) instable connexion


I recently bought a SenseCAP M2 Lorawan gateway to connect to my Loriot network. Commissioning was fast and easy: I plugged the gateway on my LAN, logged in, configured the Lora service to use the Basic Station mode and entered the certificates and keys generated by Loriot. A few seconds later Loriot saw the gateways connecting and it was online ready to relay traffic. :nerd_face:

Overall the gateway is working and most packets sent by our devices go through, but when I looked at the detailed log (on Loriot) I realized that the gateway is quite unstable:

A few time per hour, the communication is resetting, and the gateway has to reconnect. :sweat:

I’ve checked the network and it seems good, there is another gateway from another manufacturer exactly on the same LAN connected to the same network server and stability is perfect. This has been ongoing for the last 4 days. Overall this result is a poor uptime due to the numerous small cuts.

What could cause that, and how do I solve or improve the stability?