SenseCAP M2 Data Only requires reboot


I just purchased a SenseCAP M2 Data Only hotspot and am having some trouble with it.

I live in a 1500 SF house where I have the hotspot and two end nodes. The end nodes are devices built with the RAK Wireless WisBlock development kit. One of the devices is just a tester and sends a message every 5 minutes. This helps me make sure things are working properly.

After a restart, the M2 seems to accept the messages properly but after a while, the messages stop being received. If I then reboot the hotspot, it seems to start working again. (Still trying to figure out what the time frame is for when it stops working)

I’m pretty stuck on how to debug this and figure out what is going on. The SenseCAP app always shows that the hotspot is fine, so no clues there.

I was also wondering if maybe my devices were too close to the hotspot, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue since after a reboot they can communicate just fine for a while.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


For questions about Sensecap you can create a ticket here to ask for help from the support team.