SenseCAP M2 4G using way more data than it should

I’m evaluating the SenseCAP M2 4G for a large scale commercial project that will read sensors and push the data to a private LoRaWAN portal on AWS through a cellular connection. I was able to setup the gateway and a single S102 to push one reading every four hours. The data is being delivered to the backend, so issue there. I assumed this setup would be consuming kilobytes of data per day. Instead it’s using over 10MB of 4G data per day! I don’t think I can make the numbers work if I need a 2 gigabyte data plan for each gateway.

Is this normal operation or is there a settings I’m missing? I’ve attached a plot of the wwan0(lte) traffic. No sensor data was sent during this period, yet there is a lot of traffic.

I decided to run the same sensors through a Multitech gateway with a SIM card. The data usage is about what I would expect. 100 - 200KB for the day instead of the 10-20MB for the SenseCAP M2.

Is my SenseCAP gateway still attempting to do some Helium stuff despite not being set up for it? I noticed that on the main status page, it lists “Active Connections: 106/16384” under the network area. I have no idea what that is. It’s not listed in any manual.

Hi, the SenseCAP M2 gateway will download a program of about 10MB after every reboot, so it’s not recommended to reboot it frequently.