SenseCAP Indicator for Home Assistant Dashboard and Photos

Has anyone developed firmware to use SenseCAP Indicator as a natural dashboard for Home Assistant, including use as a photo digital album?

I have read through the integration examples and it looks like there is native support to create a control panel on SenseCAP Indictor, which can then use MQTT to receive status and trigger devices to Home Assistant. But I’m wondering if we can go a step further - actually pipe the Home Assistant dashboard pages directly on the screen. This would then make it easy to have a photo slideshow for example, or the ready made graphs from other Home Assistant integrations such as Pihole, OpenSprinkler.

Failing that, if I go the native route to set up control panels on this board, does anybody know how I could make the screen show a photo slideshow when idle? Anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot!

The SenseCAP Indicator is rather complex, with two MCUs:

  • the ESP32-S3 manages WiFi, BLE and the screen;
  • the RP2040 manages the sensors;
  • both communicate through COBS protocol over serial.

Unfortunately, Arduino cannot be used for the ESP32. Seeed recommends ESP-IDF with LvGL or Squareline Studio.

Generally on dual-MCU boards featuring an ESP32, the ESP32 acts as a network co-processor (slave) and is driven through AT-commands sent by the other MCU (master).

I have suggested Seeed to investigate this approach and extend the AT-commands set to screen management.

Despite the very promising hardware, I am keeping the SenseCAP Indicator on hold until the software challenge is resolved.

Ah yep, thanks for your insight.
I think for my use case of a functional and aesthetically pleasing central control dashboard, I’ll be better served with a raspberry pi controlled screen. Something like:

However seeing as I already have a SenseCAP, it’s worth playing with as a mini control interface and see what I can do with its native MQTT support.