SenseCAP dataID index

I have a soil moisture sensecap. I have gone through the process outlined in the manual and have the device connected to our network and streaming data. I am trying to make sense of what is coming off of it and do not see any explanation in the product guides or in the ttn github decoder related to what the data means.

I get two different data ids: 0x0610 and 0x0710. There is no mention of these ids in the decoder - both of these parse to the same type which is “report_telemetry”.

Do you have a document anywhere that lists what the dataIDs are for the various devices. The technical document only describes temperature, humidity and co2 - none of which I seem to be getting with this device.

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Hi Martin, thanks for reaching out. Apologies for keeping you waiting. the 0x0610 uses low-endian, which will be 0x1006, representing Soil Moisture & Temperature Sensor. Please refer to the sensor ID here

And for the measurementID, please kindly refer to this document here

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.