Sensecap Config tool NG issue in configuring Sensor Hub Data Logger 4G

MCU reset reason: Independent Watchdog

Assistance required. I have configured more than 40 x Sensor Hub Data Logger 4G and never come across the message above. This unit seems to be stuck in a reset cycle.

Help please!

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May I ask what type of sensor is connected to the fourth channel of this device? (highlighted in red)

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Only one sensor in port 1 (top left). Meter Group Teros 12.

Is the device currently stuck in a constant cycle of rebooting and unable to come online normally?

Yes that is correct. resets to the Watchdog message.

Could you inform me if the power supply voltage for this device is 12V?

Yes it is 12V, set to periodic. If it helps, I have the same sensor installed on 30 other sensorhubs in the same port using the same settings.

Can you confirm with me whether the SIM card is connected to the network properly and whether the APN is set up correctly?

Consider confirmed… User, password and APN all as per previous units. Configured another one yesterday without issue using the same parameters.

I will try a factory reset again this evening to see if it clears the issue.