Sensecap cloud based dashboard log-in 2 factor authentication problem, no account generator for google

I have already registered my new helium network gateway. Sensecap M1 915. Registration complete and have accessed the cloud dashboard. However, I closed the browser and when I tried again to log in I have 2 factor Authentication somehow activated and I have no way to generate an account in Google Authenticator app for this access It says make sure I use the code under title “SenseCAP Dahsboard” but there is no such account because I don’t have a QR code to create the account. I need to delete my dashboard account and start over but I cannot access the dashboard. It also says I can disable 2FA if I select reset password, but there is no option to do that when I reset the password. I need help.! I need to access the dashboard to see status of no activity! Please help.

Did you managed to login? I don’t
Please let me know if you managed