SenseCap "aviation connector" type

Hi all,

I’m looking into building a simple LoRa node to interface with multiple Modbus sensors, and I noticed Seeed is selling a number of sensors with what they call a “waterproof aviation connector”, like this one. I’m wondering if anyone knows what type of connector it is. It looks a lot like a Bulgin 400 Series Buccaneer but I’m not convinced because of the blue cable gland cap that I’m seeing in all the pictures, which the original connectors don’t have. On the other hand, the sealing caps shown on the connectors in the SenseCAP sensor hub look exactly like the ones from Bulgin.

Also, none of the pictures shows the number of pins and gender of the connectors, so I’m wondering if anyone who has some of these sensors (or a Seeed staff member) is able to give some more info.



Hi Marten, we will soon sell this connector on the bazaar. please keep noted.

Hi Kevin, do you have any update on this?

Hi Marten, this is Violet from Seeed. Sorry for keeping you waiting. The aviation connectors are not listed on our online store yet. If your needs are urgent, we can help place offline orders for you at the current stage. Let me DM you with details.