SenseCAP A1101 - custom models won't copy on to the A1101

I have successfully produced a custom model using the walkthrough and google colab from the Train your own AI model wiki. However, when I try to copy the model over to my A1101 it fails. The wiki states that the drive should disappear after the copy across completes, it is disappearing before the copy has completed meaning the copy fails and the model does not upload to the device. Reactivating the boot mode on the device and hitting try again on the error prompt repeats the process with the drive disappearing before the copy across completes. Is there a fix for this?

I have tried updating the bootloader following the wiki. The drag and drop of the .uf2 file still fails because the drive disappears too early and I now get the error prompt from a previous topic saying the USB device malfunctioned. Any ideas?