Sending MMS with the GPRS Shield

Hi ,

I want to send a MMS with a photograph attached from a SD card , is it possible with the GPRS shiled here >> … th=132_134, If it is possible? The what is the code?


Yes ,it is possible by use GPRS Shiled , just it would need a lot of knowledge about SIM communications ,and how to get SIM card to get on the Internet .Sorry that we do not have the example code can do this. If you have time , you can refer to the command of SIM900 and then search on the info how to send a picture via Internet .


I have already done the HTTP request and loading variables on my site using HTTP PUT request but haven’t been able to send something as an MMS any other help you can offer than just telling me to refer to SIM 900 AT commandset that I already know to do.