Sending items

I m waiting 5 days to update info on Registered Air Parcel for my country so I can place order. Please it is urgent for me. I send you number of mails regarding this problem. My country is Bosnia and Hertzegowina and it is hard for me to use dhl or something else. Also I receiver nubmer of mails using Registered Air Parcel and there was no problems. Thank you.

I ask again, how much mail I need to send to members of your service, and how much days I need to wait to get answer. This is the problem I need to solve fast not in the next 20 days. How hard it can be to click twice to add my country to Air Parcel. I have sent more then 30 mails and only answer I have got is to go to checkout to finish purchase and again there is no my country in Air Parcel, and all countries arround me are there. I ask you how many days I need to wait to get answer and to get this problem solved. Is there anyone I can talk to, because I start to think that I send mail to every mail address you have on your service, and didn’t get feedback, only that my design is ok and that I need to go to the checkout. I m refreshing your page every half of hour for the last 25 days to place order but I cant. And I don’t have time anymore.

I don’t work for Seeed, I’m just a happy customer… But what is the problem with DHL and Bosnia Herzegovina? Looking at the DHL website they seem to have full service both in and out of there just like any other country.

First of all price for sending my items to Bosnia is too high for everyone who lives here. It is about $62 and many people here work one month to earn that money. Also when someone sends me mail using DHL I have to give extra money for custom checkout, and people from the custom service can give me to much problems, and I ll newer be able to know exact price for custom checkout. I don’t have any idea how much will they want from me to pay. When I receive regular mail most of the times I don’t have to give extra money for custom checkout. So every other mail instead regular is big chace for me to give away too much money for custom checkout. And i ll never know how much until they call me. Once I had to pay $5 for just one letter I received as a gift from NASA for my research work. Anyhow all problems with mail on seeedstudio are solved and tomorrow I ll finish my order.

Aww, that sucks. I currently live in Malaysia and here it seems to be the other way round. Regular mail or airmail gets stuck in the customs sometimes, but whenever I use DHL/Fedex it just zips straight thru without any problems.

I’m usually too impatient to wait 3 weeks to get the stuff I order, so I tend to spend the $30-40 getting the items couriered to me. But this has the unfortunate(?) side effect that I “have” to order more stuff than I really need because otherwise the shipping costs will be higher than the parts. :wink:

I just received my items, and I want to say that you helped me a lot, your work is perfect, you made me happy so much. Your technical support was perfect, everything fast and with high quality. I ll have to order some more PCBs because I find out that my design was not to perfect :slight_smile:. Thank you