Sending i2c values to phone using BLE on nrf52840 Sense

I’m trying to send values from Seeed Studio Xiao nrf52840 Sense to my Android and I’m building app in App Inventor with which I will connect my board to my phone and recive date from it. I’m stuck on how to read values from i2c and send them to my phone. I managed to recrate app which can connect to board and send values like turn on leds/send signal but I don’t know how to recive values from i2c sensors like “Onboard 6-axis LSM6DS3TR-C IMU” and show it in app on my smartphone. I tried to find solution on forums and YouTube, but so far I didn’t managed to find solution.

Hi there,
Sure there is plenty,
I have used the App Inventor II awesome app maker quick easy and deployable.

Here is one I posted a while back. Are you sending TEXT or value of the IMU data?

Try this

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Thank you mate. That was I really fast. I will look into it.

If anything will work that will be enough for start.

Well there is A web version that I used to get started on mines’. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Pretty cool.

To overcome the Drift and Calibration check out the "Parked IMU " demo

I did for guidance, Also th chip has internal calibration numbers in factory registers.
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Interesting, I will try that when I buy esp32 or when I will into upgrading. For now I’m trying to keep it small as possible.
Thanks in advance

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