Sending Config Commands to the Serial port bluetooth module

I bought two of these devices and have not been able to properly configure them: … ml?cPath=2

I’m using this USB to serial unit to try and send commands into the Seeed device’s TX and RX pins: … cts_id=198

I have a hex inverter to go from 3.3v up to 5v and I’m using two resistors to go back down fro 5v to 3.3v. When I fire up the BlueTooth module I see “WORK:MASTER” in the serial display. But anything I try to type in turns into odd echoes of itself and then returns “ERROR”.

What is the recommended minimum steps to have this device be ready for pairing and what hardware should I use to configure it?


Hi Ryan,

I’v sent some info to your email, please check, may it helpful to you!

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Thanks, I have this working now. Getting the serial terminal configured correctly using Hyperterminal was not easy for some reason. PuTTY also failed me but I now have it working and configured the master/slave unit and paired with some phones.