send email via wifi

im a newbe at programming and need advise.
Can anyone help me with an example code on how to send an email from the RN 171 wifi module and arduno board.
i can connect to the web and to my wifi network but can not get the unit to send email to gmail account
thanking you in advance

This is not a easy work, in fact, it’s a project. But it should be more easier if using Raspberry Pi instead of Arduino board.


Hi i have been search the web and found many post where they have managed to report value from arduino to email cilent,
but i cant seem to find anything on the Elecrow wifi module? Has anyone tried to do this as yet?

I bought Ear-clip Heart Rate sensor and your wiki said this sensor can use a waveform diagram. But I can’t find where that was. Do you have any waveform diagram or processing code?